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CX30 2.5 / 2.0 Ton self-contained R410a chiller heat pump.
Cooling COP 4.35 heating COP 5.97,  Stackable up to 10 units.

Supports up to 7 indoor units per system.

Indoor units range from 3,400 BTU to 12,000 BTU for use in ductless or mini-split chiller configuration with no lineset limits. The CX30 also works with solar or hydronic floor heat, boilers, or central HVAC design.

Ultra-Efficient R410a Chiller w/ DC Inverter Compressor, DC Inverter Pump & DC Inverter Fan Coils.

Ductless, Ducted/Central, or Hydronic Compatability. Ductless Configuration Eliminates Duct Loss and Ductwork Installation Cost. Low Ambient Cooling & Heating to -14F.

30,000 BTU Heating (2.5T) 24,000 BTU Cooling (2.0T) / Stackable to 20 Tons. Sealed, Self-Contained Outdoor Unit. No Lineset Limits, Low Cost Installation.


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We use a variable speed DC Inverter compressor that reduces the CX30 heating or cooling output by reducing its speed at times when full capacity is not needed. As the compressor speed decreases, so does the compressor’s energy use. When measured on an annual basis, the average energy savings produced by the variable capacity compressor alone reflects up to 30-40 percent savings.

We also use a variable speed (VSD) pump for the R718 (H2O) loop circulation. When full water flow is not needed due to off-peak capacity requirements, the water pump slows down and uses less energy. The variable speed pump and variable speed compressor work in tandem with a microcontroller using a special algorithm to keep the compressor and pump both working at the optimum speed. This allows the two primary consumers of electrical power within the chiller to operate at the lowest power level required to meet the current load. Dynamically controlling the water pump speed and compressor speed independently of each other helps us to achieve incredible performance. In addition, Chiltrix offers DC-Inverter indoor fan coil units further reducing electrical power consumption (along with lower sound levels).

Working together, the variable speed compressor, variable speed pump, and variable speed indoor units all operate at the most efficient level of power consumption possible to meet the demand. The CX30 is always exactly the right size for the job. Under varying real-world conditions the CX30 chiller can efficiently operate between 25% and 115% of its rated capacity as needed and can achieve up to 40-60% electrical savings each year compared to a standard chiller or air conditioner.