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A solar inverter is a gadget that changes over Direct Current (or DC) to Alternating Current (or AC) utilizing transformers, exchanging and control circuits. Also, this is the fundamental capacity of any inverter: be it sun powered or standard inverter. A home UPS or home inverter takes the DC power from the batteries and believer it to AC force utilized by machines. A sunlight based inverter additionally does likewise on the off chance that it is an “Off Grid” sun oriented force framework. If there should be an occurrence of “Framework Connected” the DC force is from the sun powered boards and AC force is given to the matrix.

These items are exceptionally vitality effective and can add to battery-less vitality era. Sun based inverters offered by us are utilized as hostage force for manufacturing plants, lodgings, foundations and workplaces for day time loads.

Its robust outdoor enclosure meets the strict specifications of the IP65 device classification and offers very solid protection from dirt, water, and salt-containing atmospheres. Unmatched in its class, the three-phase inverter operates at 97.8 % peak efficiency and offers numerous features.

Highlights  of Solar Inverter:

• Battery-less power frameworks for network attach to join with utilities

• High quality AC Power from 220V, 440V, 11 KVA, 22KVA, 66 KVA, 110 KVA

• Inverter productivity more than 94.3%

• Maximum force point following for most astounding vitality accumulation

• Solar power era from 1.2KW to 1MWp & numero


  • Efficiency of 96.5 % (as per JIS C8961)
  • Peak efficiency of 97.8 %
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • Highest robustness and best level of protection thanks to degree of protection IP65 (outdoor)
  • Integrated display showing yield values and daily trends
  • Operating temperature range from -25 °C to +60 °C through active OptiCool temperature management
  • Easy plant monitoring thanks to Webconnect and Sunny Portal


  • Versatile use in all common grid topologies of commercial applications


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