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What is Solar Panel Board?

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Solar panels convert into electricity through the sun energy. It is presented in large rectangle shape which generates solar system kit through solar cell. It secured with defensive sheets of glass that creates power from the solar panel board which consolidates the energy into current and voltage. It is most effective home lighting system which produced the power through natural solar energy utility. A few researchers call photovoltaics to the solar power kit which imply fundamentally into “light power”.

Type of Solar System Kit!

  1. Monocrystalline Solar System:  Kit cuts from pure silicon bars. The whole cell is adjusted in one direction, when the sun shines bright on the right angle. They are really effective. In this way, the monocrystalline panel works best on the bright sunlight area.
  2. Polycrystalline Sun Panel / Multicrystalline Solar Board: Polycrystalline/multicrystalline sun board barricades are made up from the silicon cells, formed into squares hinder that create cells from spotless sunlight crystals. These individual crystals are not adjusted together but it losses when joint together. It is not as much efficient like others but it works better in entire angles.
  3. Hybrid Sun Panels: have a thin layer amorphous solar film behind the monocrystalline cells. The additional layers concentrate more energy from the sunlight, especially in low light conditions. These are the most effective sun light boards accessible, so they take up minimal space on your rooftop.
  1. Black Frames /Black Backed Panels: In UK market, numerous association offering dark sun controlled sheets with dull edges. Its slates appear better on rooftops with dull plain tiles. Thus, dark backs dependably perform less viable than standard white support. Despite the fact that, it is competent to give better sunlight energy while it gets cool.
  1. BIPV (Building Integrated Photo volatiles): BIPV’s reliable rooftops tiles (sun based sparkle). It is costly however looks decent on rooftop. It is less viable than traditional PV, which means you need a sunny open roof to make an impression in your electric bill.
  1. Solar Thermal Panels: At last, there’s another kind of solar thermal panel that has nothing to do with electrical power. Instead of paying for worm water tank to the gas organizations, use solar thermal panel for your home and pool etc.

How Does Solar Panel Kit Works?

Solar panel kit gathers sun cells into the sun light. It spread over an extensive area that gives enough electrical power for use. It created more lights by hitting sun based cells from the solar powers.

A solar based cell mixed up silicon (blue) and silicon (red)!
solar panel

  • At the point when daylight sparkles on the cell, photons (light particles) attack on the upper surface.
  • The photons bring their energy down through the electron cells.
  • The photons give up their power to electrons in the lower layer.
  • The electrons utilize this vitality (energy) to hop over the upper layer wall and escape out into the circuit.
  • Streaming around the circuit, the electrons make the light up.