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What to do for a worry – free operation of your solar panels?

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When you choose to install solar panels, you always believe on a worry-free operation. We provide you 10 tips to get a worry-free operation of your solar panels.

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  1. Opt for a good setup:
  • In order to maximize electricity production, proper alignment of the solar panels towards the sun is very important.
  • When solar cells are set up in the direction of southeast and southwest, they perform the best.
  • A slope between 20 and 60 degrees brings good results.


  1. Choose for quality:
  • Always select best quality solar panels.
  • Monocrystalline solar panels offer the following advantages in comparison to other types of panels
  • The best quality of silicon.
  • A reduced risk of micro cracks.
  • The highest yield per m².
  • A proven longevity.


  1. Choose for a reliable installer:
  • An experienced professional can install the solar panels in a very best way.
  • Ask the installer to come for a measurement and to give some references for similar projects.


  1. Invest in a good invertor:
  • One should choose for quality as the inverter is a key component of the solar plant.
  • Good invertor has a lifespan of at about ten years.
  • Inverters without transformer give higher efficiency rather than inverters with transformer.
  • You can opt for an inverter which has an efficiency of at least 97%.


  1. Ensure proper dimensioning:
  • When you purchase a PV-system, kindly verify that the solar panels and the inverter are correctly dimensioned.
  • With respect to power of the solar panels, the best dimensioning of the inverter is of 90% to 110%.
  • In a PV-system of 3 kWp, this example stands for an inverter with a capacity between 2.7 and 3.3 kWp.
  • With respect to the solar panels, one can typically opt for an ‘under dimensioning’ inverter.
  • Because of non-optimal weather conditions in Belgium, the solar panels never reach their peak efficiency.


  1. Continuously monitor and assess your return:


  • You naturally want to attain maximum efficiency while investing in solar panels.
  • For that reason, you can closely and constantly monitor and evaluate the performance of your system.
  • There is an efficiency calculator which measures the theoretical yield of your solar panels.
  • The calculator pulls out all the historical data from your system.
  • Afterwards, it can calculate the return automatically and accurately.
  • Thus, you can immediately check, your system is optimally performing or not.


  1. Clean your solar panels but moderately:
  • At which frequency can your solar panels be cleaned?
  • It is suggested that a single cleaning each for one to five years is sufficient.
  • It also depends upon the location and other environmental factors.
  • Cleaning your solar panels leave behind the risk of developing microscopic scratches in the coating.
  • After the cleaning process, some little pieces of dirt will attach very soon.


  1. Increase the yield and extend the lifetime of your solar panels:
  • Very often PID or Potential Induced Degradation crop ups on all photovoltaic panels.
  • As a result of PID, the solar panel degrades faster.
  • Henceforth, during their lifetime, they don’t get the expected return.
  • By installing a PIDbox, the yield losses cause by Potential Induced Degradation is avoided.
  • This device is installed between the solar panels and the inverter.
  • It is done to restore the affected solar cells and to expand their lifetime.


  1. Avoid shade:
  • Avoid shadow objects. For example dormers, chimneys, trees etc.
  • Attach a separate MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) to limit the efficiency losses; if shadow on your solar panels becomes inevitable.
  • If not, your installation will become less profitable.


  1. Do an annual check:
  • Once in a year get your plant checked.
  • Since prevention is better than cure, carry out a visual check by yourself.


  1. Check the readings on your system’s inverter:
  • The PV system needs to convert from direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) before the electricity generated by the system can be used throughout your home.
  • It is done with the help of an inverter.
  • Check the readings on your inverter periodically all through the week.
  • Since your system may produce less energy on cloudy days, be sure to take note of any dips in power production as well as weather conditions.
  • If you notice that your system is generating less energy, particularly on clear sunny days, then your system is in need of some maintenance.


  1. Keep a log of your system’s maintenance:
  • Keep a log of your system’s maintenance and performance.
  • It is a great way to keep your system run efficiently.
  • When a system starts to under-perform, a detailed log can give you a good insight about what may have caused it to do so.
  • When a certified maintenance technician comes to service you system, you can share this information with them.


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These Polycrystalline Solar Panels utilizes solar energy for charging. It also utilizes that energy to function.

Features of solar panels:

  • Weather-proof junction boxes.
  • Low maintenance.
  • High silicon content.
  • Higher Efficiency.


Know how to Maximize your Solar Energy System

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Solar energy system utilizes renewable resources. Solar energy systems do not drive out carbon emissions as gasoline does. Solar power is an infinite resource.

When a solar energy system is installed in a home, it becomes very important that homeowners are getting optimal results from that system.

Solar energy systems can be purchased through reputed dealer and suppliers. A well established solar led light dealer in Delhi can offer you items at most genuine rates.

Now, look at certain tips to maximize your solar energy system:

  1. Professional Installation:
  • Initially, homeowners can save money by installing their own panels.
  • However, solar panels are costly and installing them inaccurately can cause a lack of energy absorption.
  • Professional installers are familiar with the best ways to place solar panels.
  • Henceforth, their knowledge and expertise can be utilized in almost all cases.


  1. Placement:
  • Solar panels should be placed properly to get optimal sun exposure.
  • They should be positioned at an angle towards the sun.
  • Professional installers can decide on the best placement.
  • Always bear in mind that installing solar panels will be at last useful to both the occupants and the environment.


  1. Wattage:
  • Prior to decide upon the amount and the size of the panels, it becomes essential for homeowners to calculate their wattage requirements.
  • During the winter months, the level of sun exposure is also very low.
  • For most people, winter is the best time to plan for the amount of wattage that they require.



  1. Insulation:
  • Doors and windows should be insulated properly to keep energy inside.
  • Doors should be insulated & windows should be paned.
  • To keep heat inside the home, insulation strips and sweeps seem to be very effective.
  • Opening and closing doors will release a good amount of heat.
  • With a certain amount of planning and thought, energy can be easily saved and kept inside the home.


  1. Energy Safe All Around:
  • Maintain a home with energy efficient appliances like refrigerators and light bulbs which can cut down the energy usage.
  • Energy Star rating means appliances are rated as energy efficient devices.
  • Remember to turn lights off in rooms which are unoccupied.
  • Examine the home for leaking faucets and pipes which can help to cut down overall energy expenses.


  1. Maintenance:
  • Customers should check whether their solar energy systems are well maintained or not.
  • Solar panels do not have any moving parts unlike generators.
  • To make sure that panels are secure and clean, they should be examined from time to time so that they can give optimal results.
  • The snow should be cleared from the solar panels, if homeowners live in a snowy area.
  • It will give direct exposure to the sun and more energy absorption.
  • Trimming trees are very important.
  • Reason being, the more direct sunlight the panels would get, the more energy they can provide to your home.


  1. Research:
  • Before purchasing any panel, buyers may examine the cost of solar panels.
  • They should conduct research on different brands and types of solar panels.
  • You can speak with experts on the subject and can get a good idea as well.
  • Customer reviews are often valued.
  • Reason being the reviewer is there in the same spot wherein potential customers can currently find themselves.
  • They also possess same thoughts and concerns.


  1. Talk About It:
  • Customers can open a dialogue regarding environmentalism and saving money by talking about decisions to pick alternate sources of energy.
  • Most often, some people may feel awkward with the idea of go green.
  • Reason being, they are unaware about the subject.
  • Educating neighbors on solar energy can motivate them to go green themselves.
  • It may seem unattainable and expensive when people talk about solar energy.
  • If you talk about it, your neighbors may ask questions and research it for themselves.



  1. Solar energy systems are more energy efficient and after the initial investment they save your money as well.
  2. With respect to solar energy systems, buyers can bear in mind that the only way to go is professional installation.
  3. A professional installer is an expert and you can hire them for their expertise.
  4. A properly installed solar energy system has high return on investment.
  5. Placement can be a difficult decision for some; however individuals must remember that panels located in a sunny direction can give the best results.
  6. Prior to purchase a solar energy system, customers should know their wattage during the month when energy is used the most.
  7. For most people, this is during the month of winter.
  8. Proper insulation and maintenance of solar panels as well as energy efficient appliances can help to cut down the wattage.
  9. Solar panels do not require a great deal of work after being installed especially for homeowners.
  10. Researching and talking to neighbors regarding the use of solar panels can also be very beneficial.
  11. As a whole, the return on investment in solar energy systems is huge, both for customers as well as for the environment.


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Solar LED lights are mostly utilized in indoor lighting. These are used in combination with solar panels which capture sunlight and heat. They are energy efficient and are convenient to use.

How to not get hit by cars – Top 5 safe driving tips

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Becoming a safe and responsible driver is one of the best things which anyone can do for themselves.

Safe driving is becoming more difficult now-a-days as people are facing a large number of obstacles.  The use of solar road studs can help you to avoid such kind of distractions in day to day life.

By contacting a reputed supplier, you can get these top quality solar road studs. A top rated solar road stud supplier in Delhi can offer you products at very reasonable costs.

Here are some safe and basic driving tips:

  1. Remember the Basics:
  • While driving, kindly obey the speed limit.
  • Also be cautious during bad weather.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • These are the simple methods to ensure safety while you are on the road.
  • Adjust the headrest to a height behind your head and not your neck before you get into the driver’s seat.
  • If you are driving at the time of sunrise or sunset, make sure the windshield is clean.


  1. Wear Your Seat belt:
  • In case of any accident, wearing a seat belt will lessen your chances of being thrown out of the vehicle.
  • Make sure all the passengers in your car have buckled up as well.
  • Also remember, without seat belts, airbags don’t work. So don’t rely on them alone.


  1. Avoid Distractions and Disturbance: During driving, you need to avoid activities like
  • Changing CDs or radio stations.
  • Making a call or typing a message on your cell phone.
  • Putting on your makeup.


  1. Consider Other Drivers:
  • It becomes very important for drivers to realize that you absolutely cannot guess anything about other persons driving abilities.
  • You cannot even expect the other car to turn right or left.
  • It becomes your job to ensure your safety and everyone else as well.
  • If you want to become an amazing driver, then drive with this thought it mind.


  1. Put a Limit on Passengers:
  • Do not overload your car with additional passengers.
  • Do not let anyone to drive your car.
  • Reason being, if they met with an accident, you will still be persecuted.
  • You may lose driving privileges, money, your car or even your life.
  • Get a driving license.
  • Know your responsibility.
  • Utilize right set of tools to drive a car without hurting anyone.


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The service company provides a comprehensive range of Solar Road Studs to their clients which are manufactured using high grade LED to increase the road safety during night time.

How to choose right Installers for solar panels – Best 5 tips

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Buying solar panels seems to be a solid investment and you need to make sure that you pick the right one for you.
Today, the market is flooded with installers who claim that they are the best.
If you are looking for a right installer who can offer you good services then you can definitely avail their services.
The best Solar system kit supplier in Delhi can offer you services which are not only trustworthy but are reliable, affordable and genuine.


Here are some tips which can help you through the process of selecting the right solar panel installer.

1. Properly Certified:
• Your installer should be properly certified.
• It is of greatest value that the installer you select is MSC accredited.
• A good solar kit installer should be a member of the Solar Trade Association.
• You should also be aware of who will perform the actual installation.
• If in case it is a subcontracting company, you should ensure that they are MCS accredited as well.

2. Home Visit:
• The installer should visit your home and take the time to provide you information regarding the suitability of solar panels for your home.
• You can also anticipate ideas regarding how to save energy and how energy efficient your home is.
• If the installer is not ready to take the time and assess your detailed necessities, you will most likely not acquire the right installation.

3. Ask for References
• You could ask the installer to show you references and testimonial from previous clients.
• If they have been in business for a while, they should not have a problem for giving you the references.
• You should also conduct some research on the installer.
• For recommending an installer, neighbours and friends could also be a great source.
• Talking to previous customers is a best way to search out how their installation process was handled.

4. Warranty
• You should be aware of the warranty period of the specific equipment.
• The average warranty open for the solar panels is around twenty years.
• If the warranty is for a shorter period of time, one can take for granted that the quality of the panels is low.
• Storage battery and inverter has limited guarantee.
• Most installers also offer workmanship warranty which is at least one year.

5. Understand the Quotations
• Firstly, you should obtain quotes from at least three installers.
• The quotations should be as per your specific requirements.
• You can compare quotes and can judge what is included in the price.
• You can also ask for some additional work that needs to be done which is not mention in the offer.
• You may also know whether you have to make any other payments on top of the price mentioned in the quotation.

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Top 5 Reasons Why There is a Huge Demand in Solar panel Installations

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In recent years, it has been seen that there is an ever growing demand in the use of Green Energy and a demand for the installation of Solar Panels.
So, if you are in search for a best supplier who can offer you products at reasonable rates then you must contact a reputed solar panel supplier in Delhi.
Top 5 Reasons why there is a huge demand in Solar panel installations:
1. Environmentally Friendly Solution:
• Solar Panels are specifically designed to absorb the Sun’s rays and convert it as a means of Green Energy supply.
• Solar panels generate electric and heating for residential homes, commercial businesses and agricultural premises.

2. Great money saving option:
• Using of solar panels is a great money saving option for any person.
• It has a long term implication on both the environment and on your pocket.

3. Generate an income:
• A typical 4 kilo watt Altec-Solar system will produce three thousand four hundred units of electricity per year.
• If your solar system is linked to a grid then through the Feed-In-Tariff you will actually get paid for each unit of electricity it generates.
• This tariff is free from tax.
• It is also guaranteed for fifteen years.
• The installation of Solar Panels will also help to enhance the value of your property.
• Solar Panels are an excellent option of investment.

4. Low Maintenance
• There is very little maintenance required for up keeping solar panels.
• You can have them checked by a professional at least once a year to make sure that they are working well.
• You may also take into consideration that any trees which overshadow your roof area will need to be trimmed back.
• Reason being, the shade that they create can lead to a cutback in the available energy output.

5. Government Subsidies
• A latest survey shows that the installation of solar energy gets almost doubled.
• For now, there is a financial support available to help develop this technology and market.
• Now-a-days, more emphasis is being placed by governments regarding the choice of our energy consumption.
6. Government is planning for different schemes that will help engage the interest of businesses, communities and people with clean energy sustainability.

Solar Get Green is one of the leading solar panel suppliers Delhi which offer services that are truly reliable and trustworthy.
We are honest to our clients and we take pride in offering both consumer care and value for money.
We are dedicated in delivering our commitments to the highest possible standard.
We are an innovative company and are at the forefront of technological advances within the industry.