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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid while Switching to Solar Energy

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More and more homeowners today switch to solar energy for their home.
Most of the people are installing a residential solar panel system which is becoming a good economic decision to many homeowners across the country.
For all your solar energy needs, you can always contact a better solar panel supplier in Delhi.
Here are a few of the mistakes to avoid when switching to solar energy.
1. Having Unfavourable Expectations:
• Having a good expectation of the payback period will help you in deciding how to finance your system as different financing options will influence the profitability of your investment.
• When it comes to unreasonable expectations, another factor that homeowners often ignore is the variability of the sun.
• The output of the solar system is affected by cloud cover and the number of daylight hours.
• Understanding this variability will help you to manage your expectations with regard to the profitability of your system.
2. Not Researching the Financing Alternatives:
• With zero-down payment and monthly low payments, it seemed to be an obvious choice for many homeowners to reap the benefits of solar energy.
• Solar loans often come with no down-payment, flexible loan terms, and reasonable monthly payments which allow the homeowner to benefit from the solar PV systems.
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3. Missing Out on Financial Incentives:
• In your initial research phase, you wish to know what programs are accessible to you to bring down the cost of your system.
• All this information will help you make the best financial decision and arm you with the information you would require once you start speaking with installers.
4. Not Getting More Than One Quote:
• You will have a chance to work together with the companies and decide which one is most suitable to handle the installation.
• Installers will assess the condition of your roof, evaluate its orientation, and take shade estimates.
• This is an important process which is required for the installers to advise the best design for your system and make a proper estimate of the cost.
• We can help you to find installers in your area and check out their credentials and see their Google and Yelp ratings and reviews.
5. Waiting Too Long:
• As more and more homeowners opt for solar energy for their home, solar rebates and tax credits will be phased out.
• It is important to understand that solar leases also come with their own escalation rate, whereby monthly payments enhance over time, something that generally makes leases less desirable.
• With an outright purchase or a solar loan, however, your solar PV system can help you lessen your electricity bill.
• It lessen the risk of rising costs as you will know exactly what you are paying for your system with no nasty surprises.

Solar get green is one of the best solar panel suppliers in Delhi. Our aim is to offer the most compelling value in the solar energy industry.
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Top 5 Key Reasons to buy Solar Power LED Bulb instead of Outdated Electric Bulb

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Solar powered LED lights can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are water resistant and an LED bulb can last for up to 11 continuous years.

This makes the initial higher investment well worth it.

They are a good choice to light up your housing colony, institution, garden and industrial areas.

Today, they are in huge demand in rural parts of the country.

If you are willing to buy a solar powered LED bulb then you should get in touch with a reputed firm which can offer you these products at best possible rates.

A reputed solar street light supplier in Delhi can provide you products at very affordable costs.

Below mentioned are some points why you should buy a Solar Power LED Bulb:

  1. Ecologically friendly:
  • Solar power LED bulb is much more Eco-Friendly. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals.
  • Most of the solar lighting bulbs contain materials such as mercury which are dangerous for the environment.
  • But, LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.
  • The long operational life time span also means that one LED light bulb can save material and production of 25 incandescent light bulbs.


  1. Cost Saving:
  • Solar LED bulb will save your money and you don’t have to pay much for electricity.
  • Installing a solar LED light is much more reasonable than installing a traditional lighting system.


  1. Battery backup:
  • Most of the solar LED device today utilizes a battery backup which allows for more storage of power.
  • So, if the sun goes out, you will still have power for a couple of days.
  • In many ways, solar power and battery backup provides a reliable form of protection against the unexpected power outage.


  1. Easy installation:
  • Solar LED bulb is easy to install. It typically needs a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wiring.
  • Solar lighting systems give the solar power system at the top of the pole for most installation configurations.
  • Solar power systems will need a bit more for simple installations.
  • Yet, the low voltage DC power is much safer to work with than standard electric.


  1. Zero Ultra violet Emissions:
  • LED illumination turns out little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.
  • For this reason, LED lighting is highly suitable for goods and materials which are susceptible to heat.


Solar Get Green is a reputed solar street light supplier in Delhi.  Our Solar Street Lights are being utilized in urban and rural areas and preserves the non-renewable source of energy.

Solar Street Light has been available for a long time and is designed for use in less developed or isolated areas.

It is also available in circumstances when the electricity supply is less. It provides battery backup during cloudy and rainy seasons.

Top 5 Solar Inventions that changing the world

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top 5 solar inventions

The level of innovation that occurs in the solar industry goes far beyond the residential and commercial solar panel installation.

Creative minds are now utilizing the solar power to attain new heights and make living environments healthier for people locally and abroad.

The solar technologies openly generate electricity that can be used, stored or converted for long-distance transmission.

If you want to install latest solar technologies in your home or nearby surroundings, then you may contact some reputed solar road stud suppliers in Delhi.

Check out these 5 solar inventions that are changing the world:

  1. Solar powered cell phone:
  • A solar phone technology has been discovered by cell phone companies like ZTE, Sharp and Samsung.
  • This technology includes an integrated solar panel that provides power instead of the conventional electricity powered battery.
  • These cell phones are helpful for anyone who are away from any power source and need to be in contact with anyone.


  1. Solar powered oven:
  • Through solar powered oven, one can bake, boil and steam food by using the energy of the sun.
  • This can be done without the energy of fossil fuelled electricity.
  • This invention has brought convenience to many rural communities who don’t have any access to gas or electricity supplies.
  • It also enables the rural communities to experience thoroughly cooked food.
  • It lessens the amount of diseases which can come from consuming uncooked food.
  • Some companies have taken it a step further by creating specialised solar barbeques and solar grills.


  1. Portable solar computer:
  • This awesome gadget is created to improve the education of students who basically lives in the developing nations.
  • It was also created for travellers and outdoorsmen.
  • It operates on open source software called Ubuntu Linux and is relatively cheap.
  • It is also water proof.


  1. Solar air conditioning:
  • According to LG, this incredible machine can cut down 212 kilograms of carbon dioxide in ten years.
  • It combines the solar energy produced by modular cells and generates 70 watts per hour.
  • Other companies have integrated this technology into their devices.
  • Sources state that the savings generated during using this device range from 35%-50% on the monthly bill.
  • Lennox Sun Source is another company which utilizes this technology and integrates it into their products.
  • They successfully incorporate solar power by using a single 190-watt solar panel.
  • And gives power to assist the motor components in any air conditioner.


  1. The solar outlet:
  • This amazing gadget utilizes a suction cup to attach itself to any glass that absorbs the reflected energy of the sun which goes through it.
  • On the other hand, there is a socket which you can plug to any device you want.
  • The only weakness is that it took about 5 to 8 hours to fully charge.
  • Once completely charged, you can utilize this device to charge your phone.


Solar Get Green is a reputed solar road stud supplier in Delhi. We provide finest quality solar road stud which saves your money and electricity bill.

It is a durable and money saving alternative. The Solar Road Studs glow brightly during the night- time for miles and miles and gives relief to many drivers.

Personalized road studs in various colours are made according to the clients’ requirements.

Due to high visibility of the Solar Road Studs, the risk of accidents can be avoided.

Top 5 reason to use solar led lights?

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Solar LED lights allow people to do activities after dark, even in areas with no electricity.

Solar Indoor lighting systems can offer you more time to read and write at night.

They even power phones, radios and televisions. It means you can stay in rural areas without worrying about electricity.

If you are in search for a reputed Solar led light dealer in Delhi, then you can get in touch with Solar Get Green.

This service provider firm is based in Delhi and can offer services which are highly durable and cost effective.

Top five reasons why to use solar led lights:

  1. Most energy efficient option:
  • LED lights uses only fifteen percent of the energy and also gives up to eighty five percent of light output.
  • Thereby producing more light, but less heat.
  • It means that you require less sunlight to run your LED lighting during the darkest hours.
  • Solar led lights have become the top most choice among solar lighting enthusiasts.


  1. Solar LED light has longer life expectancy:
  • Although one should not forget about maintenance part of solar lighting systems using LED lights.
  • It means that you will not have to think much about replacement of lamps.
  • LEDs have really longer lifespan which is thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs and five times longer than CFLs.
  • But there are several other factors which might decrease the light expectancy of LED lamps.
  • So, think about those aspects as well if you want to get the most out of your solar lighting:


  1. Solar LED lights have compact size and smart design:
  • Solar lighting is about functionality as well as about aesthetics.
  • These devices ensure good combination of the above two qualities.
  • They have a compact size and hence they are a great choice for solar lighting.
  • LED lights are always up to date.


  1. This device always ensures directionality:
  • Very few people talk regarding this benefit of LED lighting but actually it does make a change if you go for solar outdoor lighting.
  • LEDs only give out light in one direction while other types of lamps have omnidirectional light output.
  • These devices lose comparatively little light into the back of lighting fixture. It means that it has increased performance.
  • High-quality solar LED fixtures can be directed whenever required according to the purpose of the light.
  1. Easy to install and are durable:
  • A solar led device is easily installed in the interior and exterior parts of your residence.
  • In addition, the solar lights can also be used for a longer period of time, without undergoing regular maintenance and replacements.
  • All solar panels are carefully tested to make sure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions.


Solar Get Green is a reputed solar led light dealer in Delhi. Our team offers innovative and highly reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world.

Our comprehensive experience guarantees cost effective engineering solutions even for the most complex projects.

We have the ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. This organization promises accelerated investment recovery in the long run.

Top 10 Ways to Save Money with Solar Energy

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10 ways to save money

Solar energy is an important source of renewable energy. It is categorized as passive solar or active solar depending on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power.

Active solar techniques involve the use of photovoltaic systems, solar water and concentrated solar power heating to harness the energy. Passive solar technique involves designing spaces which naturally circulate air.

If you are planning to save money with solar energy, then install solar panel kits in your home. For installation, you can contact some of the reputed solar panel suppliers in Delhi. They will definitely offer you equipments at highly affordable rates.

Here are some most beneficial ways to save money with solar energy:

  • Use Skylights: Skylights are very similar to solar light tubes. With skylights, you can bring natural daylight into rooms.
  • Use Solar Light Tubes For Day lighting:
  1. Solar light tube allows you to bring in a lot more light without the installation of big windows.
  2. The average financial payback on solar light tubes is five to seven years


  • Use a pool cover or blanket: Get a pool blanket or cover that uses the heat from the sun to warm your pool.
  • Buy Solar Hot Water Panels For Your Home:
  1. Solar hot water panels can heat your pool, and they can also heat the water you use in your home.
  2. These solar hot water panels can be installed on every roof.
  3. They can also reduce electricity bills.


  • Use Solar Landscape and Patio Lighting: These are the most rational ways to save money and energy with little initial investment. They save you money and cut your energy-related emissions. As your lighting needs change, they are easier to relocate.
  • Dry your clothes in the sun: Use the sun to dry your clothes. It is possibly the simplest and most affordable ways to use solar power.
  • Install awnings and blinds on windows: By installing awnings or blinds on windows, you can keep the sun from heating your house.
  • Plant deciduous trees: You can plant deciduous trees on the east, south or west sides of your home to keep the hot sun out during summer.
  • Apply Low-E Window Film: With Low-E Window films, you can let light into your home that reflects up to 90% or more of the heat.
  • Photovoltaics: With a solar PV system, you can generate all of your electricity.


Solar Get Green is a reputed solar panel supplier in Delhi. We design and install the highest quality solar energy systems on time and safely with high customer satisfaction.

We offer products like LED Bulb, Solar Home Light System, Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Solar Road Stud, Solar DC Air Conditioner, Solar Lantern, Solar Rooftop System, and Solar Street Light at much reasonable cost.