solar led bulb


Solar powered LED lights can be used both indoor and outdoor. They are water resistant and an LED bulb can last for up to 11 continuous years.

This makes the initial higher investment well worth it.

They are a good choice to light up your housing colony, institution, garden and industrial areas.

Today, they are in huge demand in rural parts of the country.

If you are willing to buy a solar powered LED bulb then you should get in touch with a reputed firm which can offer you these products at best possible rates.

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Below mentioned are some points why you should buy a Solar Power LED Bulb:

  1. Ecologically friendly:
  • Solar power LED bulb is much more Eco-Friendly. LED lights are free of toxic chemicals.
  • Most of the solar lighting bulbs contain materials such as mercury which are dangerous for the environment.
  • But, LED lights contain no toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.
  • The long operational life time span also means that one LED light bulb can save material and production of 25 incandescent light bulbs.


  1. Cost Saving:
  • Solar LED bulb will save your money and you don’t have to pay much for electricity.
  • Installing a solar LED light is much more reasonable than installing a traditional lighting system.


  1. Battery backup:
  • Most of the solar LED device today utilizes a battery backup which allows for more storage of power.
  • So, if the sun goes out, you will still have power for a couple of days.
  • In many ways, solar power and battery backup provides a reliable form of protection against the unexpected power outage.


  1. Easy installation:
  • Solar LED bulb is easy to install. It typically needs a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wiring.
  • Solar lighting systems give the solar power system at the top of the pole for most installation configurations.
  • Solar power systems will need a bit more for simple installations.
  • Yet, the low voltage DC power is much safer to work with than standard electric.


  1. Zero Ultra violet Emissions:
  • LED illumination turns out little infrared light and close to no UV emissions.
  • For this reason, LED lighting is highly suitable for goods and materials which are susceptible to heat.


Solar Get Green is a reputed solar street light supplier in Delhi.  Our Solar Street Lights are being utilized in urban and rural areas and preserves the non-renewable source of energy.

Solar Street Light has been available for a long time and is designed for use in less developed or isolated areas.

It is also available in circumstances when the electricity supply is less. It provides battery backup during cloudy and rainy seasons.