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More and more homeowners today switch to solar energy for their home.
Most of the people are installing a residential solar panel system which is becoming a good economic decision to many homeowners across the country.
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Here are a few of the mistakes to avoid when switching to solar energy.
1. Having Unfavourable Expectations:
• Having a good expectation of the payback period will help you in deciding how to finance your system as different financing options will influence the profitability of your investment.
• When it comes to unreasonable expectations, another factor that homeowners often ignore is the variability of the sun.
• The output of the solar system is affected by cloud cover and the number of daylight hours.
• Understanding this variability will help you to manage your expectations with regard to the profitability of your system.
2. Not Researching the Financing Alternatives:
• With zero-down payment and monthly low payments, it seemed to be an obvious choice for many homeowners to reap the benefits of solar energy.
• Solar loans often come with no down-payment, flexible loan terms, and reasonable monthly payments which allow the homeowner to benefit from the solar PV systems.
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3. Missing Out on Financial Incentives:
• In your initial research phase, you wish to know what programs are accessible to you to bring down the cost of your system.
• All this information will help you make the best financial decision and arm you with the information you would require once you start speaking with installers.
4. Not Getting More Than One Quote:
• You will have a chance to work together with the companies and decide which one is most suitable to handle the installation.
• Installers will assess the condition of your roof, evaluate its orientation, and take shade estimates.
• This is an important process which is required for the installers to advise the best design for your system and make a proper estimate of the cost.
• We can help you to find installers in your area and check out their credentials and see their Google and Yelp ratings and reviews.
5. Waiting Too Long:
• As more and more homeowners opt for solar energy for their home, solar rebates and tax credits will be phased out.
• It is important to understand that solar leases also come with their own escalation rate, whereby monthly payments enhance over time, something that generally makes leases less desirable.
• With an outright purchase or a solar loan, however, your solar PV system can help you lessen your electricity bill.
• It lessen the risk of rising costs as you will know exactly what you are paying for your system with no nasty surprises.

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