smart road technologies

Regardless of technological advancement in vehicles, cars and mobile devices, we see little change in asphalt roads.

Mainly when it comes to road safety, there are many things we can do to roads which can help innovate and improve the driving experience.

There are also many ideas to make use of roads to store up solar energy from the sun. Further, energy can be transferred into electricity for homes.

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Below mentioned are the top 5 smart road technologies of the future:

  1. Interactive Lights:
  • One can use the idea to opt for motion-sensor lights.
  • When a car passes through a particular stretch of a road, the motion sensor will lights up only that section of the road.
  • As the car gets closer, the lights will automatically grow brighter.
  • Interactive Lights are ideal for highways.
  • As and when required, interactive lights also provide night visibility.


  1. Wind-Powered Lights:
  • Pinwheels can power up wind-powered lights and produce electricity.
  • It functions by harnessing wind drafts.
  • The electricity can be utilized to light up the lights on the pinwheels.
  • As it requires wind to power up, these wind-powered lights can only light up as cars pass by the area.
  • This pinwheel generator is set up along the car’s path at the roadside and it continuously light up paths as cars drive through.


  1. Electric Priority Lane:
  • The electric priority lane can charge up their vehicle on the go.
  • The Induction Priority Lane has embedded magnetic fields which can even charge the vehicles.
  • This is especially of use in countries, where there are a lot of EVs on the road.
  • This ensures that electric cars do not require charging stations and people can even keep their cars charged for long journeys.


  1. Solar Roadways:
  • Solar Roadways require installing solar panels on glass roads, complete with LEDs and microprocessors.
  • The road surface will be engineered for cars to be able to stop safely, while travelling at a speed of 80 km per hour.
  • During winter, solar panel roads can even melt snow and for sure the solar energy is utilized to power many electrical gadgets.


  1. Glow in The Dark:
  • The idea to use glow in the dark road markings is better instead of spending a large budget on road lighting or other lighting options.
  • The markings are made by using paint that contains photo-luminising powder which charges up during the day.
  • These green glow markings extend for about five hundred metre and can glow for up to eight hours of night.


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