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Top 5 Reasons Why There is a Huge Demand in Solar panel Installations

    solar panel supplier delhi

    In recent years, it has been seen that there is an ever growing demand in the use of Green Energy and a demand for the installation of Solar Panels.
    So, if you are in search for a best supplier who can offer you products at reasonable rates then you must contact a reputed solar panel supplier in Delhi.
    Top 5 Reasons why there is a huge demand in Solar panel installations:
    1. Environmentally Friendly Solution:
    • Solar Panels are specifically designed to absorb the Sun’s rays and convert it as a means of Green Energy supply.
    • Solar panels generate electric and heating for residential homes, commercial businesses and agricultural premises.

    2. Great money saving option:
    • Using of solar panels is a great money saving option for any person.
    • It has a long term implication on both the environment and on your pocket.

    3. Generate an income:
    • A typical 4 kilo watt Altec-Solar system will produce three thousand four hundred units of electricity per year.
    • If your solar system is linked to a grid then through the Feed-In-Tariff you will actually get paid for each unit of electricity it generates.
    • This tariff is free from tax.
    • It is also guaranteed for fifteen years.
    • The installation of Solar Panels will also help to enhance the value of your property.
    • Solar Panels are an excellent option of investment.

    4. Low Maintenance
    • There is very little maintenance required for up keeping solar panels.
    • You can have them checked by a professional at least once a year to make sure that they are working well.
    • You may also take into consideration that any trees which overshadow your roof area will need to be trimmed back.
    • Reason being, the shade that they create can lead to a cutback in the available energy output.

    5. Government Subsidies
    • A latest survey shows that the installation of solar energy gets almost doubled.
    • For now, there is a financial support available to help develop this technology and market.
    • Now-a-days, more emphasis is being placed by governments regarding the choice of our energy consumption.
    6. Government is planning for different schemes that will help engage the interest of businesses, communities and people with clean energy sustainability.

    Solar Get Green is one of the leading solar panel suppliers Delhi which offer services that are truly reliable and trustworthy.
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    Top 5 reason to use solar led lights?

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    reason to use solar led light

    Solar LED lights allow people to do activities after dark, even in areas with no electricity.

    Solar Indoor lighting systems can offer you more time to read and write at night.

    They even power phones, radios and televisions. It means you can stay in rural areas without worrying about electricity.

    If you are in search for a reputed Solar led light dealer in Delhi, then you can get in touch with Solar Get Green.

    This service provider firm is based in Delhi and can offer services which are highly durable and cost effective.

    Top five reasons why to use solar led lights:

    1. Most energy efficient option:
    • LED lights uses only fifteen percent of the energy and also gives up to eighty five percent of light output.
    • Thereby producing more light, but less heat.
    • It means that you require less sunlight to run your LED lighting during the darkest hours.
    • Solar led lights have become the top most choice among solar lighting enthusiasts.


    1. Solar LED light has longer life expectancy:
    • Although one should not forget about maintenance part of solar lighting systems using LED lights.
    • It means that you will not have to think much about replacement of lamps.
    • LEDs have really longer lifespan which is thirty times longer than incandescent bulbs and five times longer than CFLs.
    • But there are several other factors which might decrease the light expectancy of LED lamps.
    • So, think about those aspects as well if you want to get the most out of your solar lighting:


    1. Solar LED lights have compact size and smart design:
    • Solar lighting is about functionality as well as about aesthetics.
    • These devices ensure good combination of the above two qualities.
    • They have a compact size and hence they are a great choice for solar lighting.
    • LED lights are always up to date.


    1. This device always ensures directionality:
    • Very few people talk regarding this benefit of LED lighting but actually it does make a change if you go for solar outdoor lighting.
    • LEDs only give out light in one direction while other types of lamps have omnidirectional light output.
    • These devices lose comparatively little light into the back of lighting fixture. It means that it has increased performance.
    • High-quality solar LED fixtures can be directed whenever required according to the purpose of the light.
    1. Easy to install and are durable:
    • A solar led device is easily installed in the interior and exterior parts of your residence.
    • In addition, the solar lights can also be used for a longer period of time, without undergoing regular maintenance and replacements.
    • All solar panels are carefully tested to make sure that they can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions.


    Solar Get Green is a reputed solar led light dealer in Delhi. Our team offers innovative and highly reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world.

    Our comprehensive experience guarantees cost effective engineering solutions even for the most complex projects.

    We have the ability to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. This organization promises accelerated investment recovery in the long run.

    Top 10 Ways to Save Money with Solar Energy

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    10 ways to save money

    Solar energy is an important source of renewable energy. It is categorized as passive solar or active solar depending on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power.

    Active solar techniques involve the use of photovoltaic systems, solar water and concentrated solar power heating to harness the energy. Passive solar technique involves designing spaces which naturally circulate air.

    If you are planning to save money with solar energy, then install solar panel kits in your home. For installation, you can contact some of the reputed solar panel suppliers in Delhi. They will definitely offer you equipments at highly affordable rates.

    Here are some most beneficial ways to save money with solar energy:

    • Use Skylights: Skylights are very similar to solar light tubes. With skylights, you can bring natural daylight into rooms.
    • Use Solar Light Tubes For Day lighting:
    1. Solar light tube allows you to bring in a lot more light without the installation of big windows.
    2. The average financial payback on solar light tubes is five to seven years


    • Use a pool cover or blanket: Get a pool blanket or cover that uses the heat from the sun to warm your pool.
    • Buy Solar Hot Water Panels For Your Home:
    1. Solar hot water panels can heat your pool, and they can also heat the water you use in your home.
    2. These solar hot water panels can be installed on every roof.
    3. They can also reduce electricity bills.


    • Use Solar Landscape and Patio Lighting: These are the most rational ways to save money and energy with little initial investment. They save you money and cut your energy-related emissions. As your lighting needs change, they are easier to relocate.
    • Dry your clothes in the sun: Use the sun to dry your clothes. It is possibly the simplest and most affordable ways to use solar power.
    • Install awnings and blinds on windows: By installing awnings or blinds on windows, you can keep the sun from heating your house.
    • Plant deciduous trees: You can plant deciduous trees on the east, south or west sides of your home to keep the hot sun out during summer.
    • Apply Low-E Window Film: With Low-E Window films, you can let light into your home that reflects up to 90% or more of the heat.
    • Photovoltaics: With a solar PV system, you can generate all of your electricity.


    Solar Get Green is a reputed solar panel supplier in Delhi. We design and install the highest quality solar energy systems on time and safely with high customer satisfaction.

    We offer products like LED Bulb, Solar Home Light System, Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Solar Road Stud, Solar DC Air Conditioner, Solar Lantern, Solar Rooftop System, and Solar Street Light at much reasonable cost.